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The Urban ‘Rural’ and the Rural ‘Urban’

I was visiting my aunt’s place that day, she lives on the outskirts of Mumbai, a place named Virar, some 70 km from the main city. I saw salt pans, and people working under the heat, full of sweat in a one-piece cloth. I saw six people, 2 men, 2 women, and 2 kids, and could see one small hut. I assumed that six people stayed in that tiny little nanoscopic hut. All had a tired sad face!

The other day for my CSR trip had gone to Manmad, a small town around 400kms from Mumbai. 80% of people are dependent on agriculture. But the picture is quite different there. People there are self-sufficient. They understand the importance of education. On visiting few homes, I found cycles, bikes, TVs, refrigerators, DVD players, and obviously tractors. The fields were full of onions, corns, and sugarcanes. The aunties I met are even updated with all the daily Saas-Bahu soaps. They had a smile on their face!

Well, it’s just one side of the story. The other could be the one which we see and believe often i.e. the rich is Urban and the poor is Rural. Maybe this is the reason why the government has so many loan waivers, special schemes, etc. for the upliftment of the rural areas. OK. The argument will go on forever.

I believe, rural is merely a mindset, those who possess it are rural and those who don’t are urban…

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