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The Underserved People

One of the biggest assets that India has is its youth, who are the future. It has the largest bunch between 15-35 years across the globe. The biggest threat to India is this same segment if it is not looked after and cared for.

90% of this share falls under the working class and lower strata of society. Education alone is not enough; employment is more important. As the saying goes, an idle mind is the mind of the devil - with the growing unemployment rate and impatient young India, not just their lives will be hampered but also India as a nation may go haywire. There is nothing specific for them to rely upon. With limited opportunities and lack of guidance, they are underserved.

All it takes is a gentle push, an opportunity, the right kind of training, and sustained mentorship to kick start their livelihood.

‘Serving these Underserved People and India’s future’ as a concept will give them hope and a sense of purpose and direction, would definitely push them to be fulfilled, content and independent and more importantly respect in society.

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