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Have you ever seen an organization chart? Of course, you have, it's pyramidical in shape… like any military structure. In my opinion, the biggest weakness in this kind of structure is the leader himself. If he falls, the entire unit falls. Just like the battle of Gaugamela, wherein Alexander only strategized to capture or kill Darius, and not his whole army which was 2-3X times his own army. Rest is history.

The culture, values, personality processes of any traditional organization directly depend on the leader. When the leader is replaced, everything changes, and it's back to the start. The vision, mission, purpose, change with its leader. Imagine the amount of time, energy, and resources that goes behind this change management.

This structure also promotes, competition and for one seat, there would be 10 people competing. Basically, if 1 person wins, some would have to wait longer and few forever.

What I miss from my childhood days, is my community. The awesome days, wherein we all stayed together enjoyed together, and grew up together. There was no caste, creed, grades, certificates, just one big family, looking after and caring for each other.

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one big family) applies to these communities that live together like one family. Take any tiny tribal village for instance - they live, hunt, eat, relocate together. Therefore they are strong and hence survive. When one is injured, there are two to take care of him.

On my trip to Orissa, I came across this tribal dance, wherein all ladies, dance in one tune with their hands interlocked between them. An interesting fact is, if the centre person falls, the two on either side because they are interlocked, will hold her and stop her from falling. All of them in their own world, zonked in the dance.

This is the structure I dream, all of us together, interlocked, teaching, learning, growing with each other, all at the same level with just one purpose keeping everyone’s wellbeing and goodwill in mind.
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