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A short story on Marketing: Selling tomatoes

The funny Tomato

Well, that was an easy choice… walking towards A, she saw a board saying ‘10% Sale’. On enquiry, Shopkeeper C said ‘I will give you 10% discount on your total purchase, and my tomatoes are of the same quality as that of A’s’ I must confess that mom loves discounts (she asks for discounts even in branded stores and malls). Pleased with a better offer…she switches to C. The neighboring storekeeper D, on observing my mom’s need and preference, shouted ‘get a carry bag free and a 10% discount on every purchase’. Another confession: My mom loves free stuff. In fact, all of us love free stuff. On seeing this C was quick to reply ‘I’ll give you a carry bag free and 10% discount and a free home delivery’. An offer my mom just couldn’t refuse. She placed her order to C.

It’s all about creating value. Better the value, more the customers. Within an hour, C delivered the tomatoes to our place. My mom so delighted, she couldn’t resist to share it with our neighbors. C got four new customers just by giving a superior offer. He created, delivered and communicated his superior offer, which he converted to a sale, and assured re purchased by giving prompt service which in turn got him new customers. Well, that’s Marketing!

‘Getting, keeping and growing customers through creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value.’
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