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Marketing is Making Mankind Lazy!!!

Gone are the days where we used to go to our neighbor's place to watch TV, gone are the days when we used to wait for phone calls at a PCO-STD booth, gone are the days when we were satisfied with one radio station and 2 TV channels…

I remember, at my uncle's wedding, the whole village turned up just because we were showcasing a movie on TV, they were all excited the whole day in anticipation…

We used to fight over who is going to change the TV channel and who’s going to receive the phone call, all used to be excited waiting for social gatherings where they would be meeting relatives and friends after a long time.

Truly! Gone are those days, now coz of technology, the world has become nanoscopic (oops.. hyperbole) what I meant was, the world is in our hands, literally, just one mobile phone has made a huge difference in our life, distances have disappeared, waiting period nullified, and much more. Life has become so easy!!! Or should I say Lazy???

Thanks to technology that has made our life easy, to fulfill our daily needs.

Yes agreed. But that was years back… now things have changed…

In the name of technology, we CREATE a need, and we FULFILL that need, even if that need is not a necessity, we MAKE a need out of nothing, just for the sake of it…. Confused??

Well, the primary purpose of a product is to fulfill a need, organizations and companies' objective is to develop products that fulfill the need, to be specific, it’s the job of marketers to identify needs, to identify gaps, and develop products to fulfill the same.

What happens now is, Marketers identify and fulfill the needs of consumers, after fulfilling the need through developing a product using technology, they strive to make it better, thanks to competition (each category and market has tons of competition, over and above, all organizations want to make Money, More Money, Most Money ;-)).

In the process of delivering a better proposition they make their consumers lazy (indirectly).

For e.g.:

  1. Remote controls for TVs, ACs, electrical appliances

  2. Auto turn of modes for washing machines, ACs, Microwaves

  3. Online shopping portals

  4. Online bookings

  5. Telephone bookings

  6. SMS‘s: getting job alerts in SMS, reminding policy dates

the list can go for eternity….

In fact, many products like mobile phones were a result to deliver a better proposition, making mankind lazy!!!

It is because of marketing that a need arises and technology just fulfills the need.

Technology is making mankind live easy, but Marketing is Making Mankind Lazy!!!
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