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Equal Share

I watched this movie sometime back –Mongols, it is the story of Genghis Khan, from an orphan to a rightful Khan (Emperor). There are many key moments in his life that led to this transition, most impacted his life, but one generous act impacted his people. Amongst his first victories, he demonstrates his generosity by allowing his troops to take an equal share of the plunder, unlike any other khan who took 90% of the share and shared 10% only amongst his troops. This tiny act led to his troops and people loving him, even so, enemy’s troops gave up their weapons and surrendered to be part of his tribe, eventually, conquering the whole of Asia.

A king is nothing without his kingdom

It is not about how much wealth you earned will determine your success, but the Love of the people, who helped and supported you in the long journey. Keeping them content and ensuring they are with you in your ups and downs and you are with them in their ups and downs, is more important.

Relationships are more important than wealth, I rather share my profits equally amongst all, and have an awesome time than spending all in a corner all alone.

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