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The Emppreneur Concept

Beginning of 2021, I got a requirement for a managerial position in a small-midsized company…. When I posted the same on LinkedIn, I got a whooping 386 applications…. Within 24 hours. To be honest, I didn’t rather couldn’t go through all for the first short list.

The pandemic has taken a toll on the workforce and rendered millions jobless and many became victims of pay-cuts. Their dreams shattered, plans broken.

Many were forced to move to self-employment and small-time jobs to survive. Most adversely impacted were the middle class and the lower-income group people.

The absence of guidance, knowledge and the lack of opportunity led them a step back in their life's journey.

How about getting them back……….! For a meaningful and gainful existence with financial and operational independence……

As a matter of fact, help reestablish and accelerate their life’s journey by providing them with the right guidance, knowledge, and opportunity through EMPPRENEURSHIP

It is a combination of the words EMPloyee and entrePRENEUR. They are independent individuals whom we empower to establish their own setup without investment. We equip them with products on credit and train them to sell, manage and grow their entity. They pay once the products are sold, and return the products if unsold cutting down their risk further. We mentor them through their journey, their ups & downs to soaring even greater heights.


No Boss <> You’re your own Boss

No Qualification <> We’ll equip you to bring the best in You No Office <> Your Neighbourhood is your Playground

No-Risk <> We’ll bear the Risk No Investment <> Only Returns No Limit <> The only limit is your Hard work & Commitment

In simple terms, Emppreneurship provides

Security of an EMPloyee and Independence of an EntrePRENEUR

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