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For Businesses

by Mentoring Small Businesses to Optimize Growth by being Effective, Efficient thus Productive at Value Pricing



Help you with the "Why"

  • What is our long-term vision and trajectory?

  • Should we drop certain departments/businesses or retain our current portfolio?

  • What are this business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)?

  • Can we re-allocate resources to produce better returns?


Marketing & Sales

Help you with the "How" & "What"

  • What marketing channels should this business pursue?

  • How can we improve conversions to reduce our customer acquisition cost?

  • How can we use upsells and cross-sells to increase our average order value?

  • How can we create brand loyalty to increase our lifetime customer value?

  • How can we improve this business's current sales process?

  • Which sales strategies are working best, and how can we leverage them?

  • How can we better incentivize our sales team?

  • How can we build and effectively manage a sales team?



Help you with managing "Money"

  • How can we legally and ethically reduce the tax bill of this corporation?

  • How can we improve cash-flow in this business?



Help you with "Efficiency"

  • How can we reduce costs in this plant?

  • How do we increase efficiency in this factory?

  • How can we reduce bottlenecks in this supply chain?

  • How do we improve quality control in this manufacturing process?



Help you with "Effectiveness"

  • Are these policies and procedures in-line with state laws and regulations?

  • How can we best implement these HR policies and procedures?

  • Do we need to create and implement training sessions?

  • How can we improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness?

  • How can we resolve conflicts and implement changes?

  • How do we attract the Right Talent?



Help you with the "Creativity"

  • How can we create a distinctive Brand Identity and Image?

  • How a business and its products look?

  • How a business markets itself and its products or services to consumers?

  • How to create promotional campaigns and materials that raise awareness for clients and their products or services?

  • How we design and development of screen-based products and services?

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For Individuals

by Guiding Individuals to become their Best by building on their strengths and improving their



Help you to know "Self"

  • What style of clothing best represents the way this individual wishes to be perceived?

  • How can I help this individual improve their communication skills?

  • Which behavioral changes and body language techniques can this individual employ to project the image they desire?

  • How can this individual improve their business etiquette to appear more confident and trustworthy?


Help you with your "Purpose"

  • Which career path would best suit this individual's personality, preferences, and talents?

  • How can we best position this individual to increase her chances of promotion?

  • What skills does this individual need to develop in order to achieve their career goals?

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